Hannah Louise Poston Youtube

Hannah Louise Poston is a beauty and lifestyle youtuber, creating thoughtful content on the subject of enjoying the acquisition of beautiful things, while considering financial health and balance in a consumerist world. I have been assisting her and her husband with editing her youtube videos to a weekly schedule.

Colin Gorrie Youtube

Colin Gorrie is a linguist that streams twice a week on Youtube and Twitch on the subjects of language learning, constructed languages and general liguistics. I produce and edit his videos, taking the live streams and editing them into segments to be released later on the channel. I also manage the marketing material and graphic … Read more

De Mambo Marketing

I was in charge of the marketing of the video game De Mambo, which involved the creation of assorted trailers both in Japanese and English for different parts of the game promo and on different platforms. I also created assorted marketing material for print, for social media and for the assorted app store requirements, including … Read more