I’m Lucy, an animator/designer and many other things.

Web Design.

The World Wide Web is a strange and wonderful place. Sometimes I add to the amount of websites hosted there, for people who ask.

Graphic Design.

What doesn’t count as graphic design, when you really think about it?


Sometimes logos, sometimes a whole branding situation. Who doesn’t love a freshly exported branding doc in the morning?

Animation & Video.

Technically my origin story, I have ended up with experience in many styles and mediums: Motion graphics, pixel art, 2D hand drawn and some 3D bits. Please also enjoy a sprinkle of video editing.


A combination of all creative things, games are very special to me. Some I’ve been involved with and some I’ve lead the way in creating.


Okay, perhaps illustration is the true origin story here. I have always drawn, so I enjoy not sticking to one style. Test me with new ones!

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