Modern Wolf

Modern Wolf are an indie games publisher for PC games. I created assorted marketing and promotional images for them, as well as some illustrations and editing of trailers. Graphic Design Illustration Video editing×1920-1.mp4

Instagram Designs

An assortment of instagram branding and post designs in a very wide mix of styles. Some pages I have run myself¬† with a focus on a curation of balanced images as the page develops, while others have been posts for clients to use themselves. Lilliputian Loves Natasha Lipman First Story National Poetry Day The Dangerous … Read more

Two Spoons

Two Spoons are a Bucks based, independent tea company. I have created a variety of digital, print material and product design for them, keeping in line with their branding and the oldy worldy feel. I also redesigned their website to better match their branding, which you can see more of here. Graphic Design Web Design

Now Teach

Now Teach are a charity encouraging those who have already had an experienced career to retrain as teachers. I started working for them when they just started in 2016, designing their Logo and first website. Over the years I have created assorted digital and print work for Now Teach, most specifically a series of magazines … Read more