Tentacle Zone Branding

Created by Payload Studios to support the UK games industry from within, the Tentacle Zone wears many hats. I created an updated logo, ilustrations and general branding for the release of their new incubator. This included marketing material, newsletter templates, a website redesign and assorted video assets. They already had a recognisable logo and theme … Read more

Instagram Designs

An assortment of instagram branding and post designs in a very wide mix of styles. Some pages I have run myself¬† with a focus on a curation of balanced images as the page develops, while others have been posts for clients to use themselves. Lilliputian Loves Natasha Lipman First Story National Poetry Day The Dangerous … Read more

Colin Gorrie Youtube

Colin Gorrie is a linguist that streams twice a week on Youtube and Twitch on the subjects of language learning, constructed languages and general liguistics. I produce and edit his videos, taking the live streams and editing them into segments to be released later on the channel. I also manage the marketing material and graphic … Read more

Two Spoons

Two Spoons are a Bucks based, independent tea company. I have created a variety of digital, print material and product design for them, keeping in line with their branding and the oldy worldy feel. I also redesigned their website to better match their branding, which you can see more of here. Graphic Design Web Design


I redesigned the website for the game TerraTech, focusing on simplifying and consolidating the layout of the website. This specifically involved the restyling of their ‘Blockpedia’ which was set up in a very specific way which didn’t allow for much lee-way for editing visually. Since this page required a very large database, my goal was … Read more

Life of Pippa

Pippa is a writer and influencer with a focus on chronic illness. I rebranded her website for her, taking care to edit the site based around her considerable existing content, in a way that would be easy for her to continue editing herself in the future. This also included the creation of an online shop. … Read more

De Mambo Marketing

I was in charge of the marketing of the video game De Mambo, which involved the creation of assorted trailers both in Japanese and English for different parts of the game promo and on different platforms. I also created assorted marketing material for print, for social media and for the assorted app store requirements, including … Read more


Created by Payload Studios to support the UK games industry from within, the Tentacle Zone wears many hats. I planned and created a site that organised everything they work on as clearly as possible, added fun and bright branding and illustrations and supported them with creating their own content using the new branding. They already … Read more